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21 September 2007

the last question

this is a short story by isaac asimov i wanted to share with you. you can read it in about 10 minutes or so, but it's long enough that i didn't want to post it here. i've been reading isaac asmimov's foundation series lately, and it is amazing. i found this short story while using stumble, and was equally impressed. it seems a bit monotonous, but that adds to the complete story. also, if you didn't know, asimov likes to jump time-frames rather willy-nilly, particularly in stories like this, where one paragraph is "X" time-frame and then next is "X + 25,000 years" without nothing it. we have to use context clues. if no one has read asimov, i just wanted to give you this glimpse, and maybe hook you like i am.

tell me what you think about it. i was pleasantly surprised by the ending (don't peek), which is why i like asimov.

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Whoa. The Foundation books. I totally forgot about those. Enjoy!

8:43 PM, September 22, 2007  

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