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15 September 2007

i forgot the good news

my "old" manager called me today (at 9:45PM on a friday night?) to tell me he's my manager again, officially welcoming me back to the "good" part of TheGeneral that i was so rudely forced from about this time last year. it does feel good to be back, only thing is, i kinda got spoiled by the crap division. i didn't get a raise because they didn't assign me enough (which sucks because that's THEIR problem, not mine), but i got spoiled by the massive amounts of time off i had. if things go as they did before, i'm gonna be crazy busy with nary a few days between jobs instead of a few months. hah. but all is good. the money should be good this year, and i need that, in case i make any "life decisions" in the near future.



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