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10 September 2007

IT arch-demi-apparition?

i was going to say i'm an IT god, but 1) i've titled a post that before, and 2) if i do recall correctly, right after i did that, all my amateur work came crumbling down around me leaving me near tears.

my company had us install an encryption program. it sucks, i hate it, but i did it because we were kinda threatened with "non-compliance" if we didn't. anyways, they give you two pseudo-warnings... don't ever hibernate, and don't use PCMCIA devices anymore. fine, i can handle that. then the other day at work, i didn't plug my computer in and went out in to the field. when i got back, the battery had gotten to JUST that level where it hibernates itself to save your data. i mean, it had JUST started. it was 1 block in the progress bar, but there was no turning back. ever since then, my outlook has been royally fukked. my best guess is that the hibernate function and the encryption program were racing to the finish to see who could get done first. hibernation won with the encryption program only getting through a portion of my email program, so half was encrypted and half wasn't. when i rebooted, the encryption program decrypted everything, thus (and this is only my theory) decrypting the encrypted portion of my email (good), but using that same decryption key on the remaining un-encrypted portion led to an actually encrypting of it (get it? FUKK!!!)

so, i talked to the help(less) desk, and they proved just as useless as i'd expected. so i've been rockin' my amateur ways and been messing around with importing my old .pst files into a new one, one folder at a time until i found the part of the file that was screwed. coincidentally, it happened to be my work folder. seriously, how could karma work any more efficiently than that. i could've lost any other info on there and been cool with it, but the one folder that, every time i import it, goes china syndrome on me is my work folder. i'm trying to be zen about it. i think i'm doing pretty well. at least i can send and receive e-mails again without spamming everyone (yeah, for some reason, whenever i wrote an email, it went to the outbox, would send, but would stay there, so the next email i would send, would send the other AGAIN, thus spamming people with repeated emails).

one thing that is helping is my armadillo run game. i found this while working in pittsburgh, and i seriously suggest it to any engineers, geeks, physics-lovers, etc. i'm absolutely enamored with it. check out the demo on that page. i played the demo for like 5 minutes and went straight to buying the whole game. it SOOOO rocks. if someone gets it, or plays it and appreciates it as much as i do, let me know. i wonder if there is any way to share designs. that'd be cool.

well, it's lunch time, i'll give you kids more lovin' later.

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Blogger themom said...

Again and again - IT SUCKS TO BE YOU!!! Never fails that something happens while you are far away from a real help(less) desk!!


9:51 AM, September 11, 2007  

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