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12 September 2007

might as well face it, i'm addicted to love!

i really don't know how to start this post. i don't want to come off cruder than usual. hmmm, i guess i'll just say, to start, that i don't have ED. while in india, we found out we can get knock off viagra (called vistagra) for crazy low prices. it was the same chemical make up (i checked the packaging sheet with the pfizer page, and they matched), so i went for it. i bought a load of it, gave some out to friends if they wanted it, and kept some for myself. i used it and it was fun. it had a side effect of crazy heartburn, but other than that, it was effective to say the least. sadly, in the U.S., they frown upon giving guys my age this drug since i don't "need" it, per se, but after finding this article, i think that maybe i need to convince my doctor that i have love dysfunction (LD) or affection dysfunction (AD). how cool would that be, if i could tell my doctor "i just don't feel like i love my lover as much anymore, so give me some DAMN BLUE PILLS!!! it's for our relationship, it's for... the kids"? well, a man can dream, can't he?

i gotta thank numericlife for posting about this which led me to the link. tanks brudda (that's "thanks brother" with a trinidadian accent).

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