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19 May 2008

my boring life

i'm currently working on the final picture post from the visit from TheMom, TheJay, and TheRachel. i might be able to get it posted in about 8 hours or so. btw, TheMom made it home safe, if not sore. i was glad to hear that since she didn't call to let me know (hah, j/k).

until then, this will have to do. jules is working at another site in egypt. this one is closer to our apartment, but with traffic, the commute can be hellacious, so sadly, i don't get to see her every night. the past two nights she's been staying at the marriott downtown to avoid the long drive to and fro, so i've been left to fend for myself. it's amazing how quickly i can fall back into my bachelor pad routine without some external female guidance. the night before last, i boiled some chicken cubes and cooked 'em in frank's red hot buffalo sauce. this is a personal favorite as it is good, and it is quick, and fairly healthy (a bit high on the salt content). i also cooked up some mushrooms with it , and delighted over my dinner while watching some TV. last night, i cooked up corn, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. that's all for dinner. jules hates it when i eat corn, all sugar and such or whatever, but i didn't eat much. i was bored so i tried to make ketchup. for some reason, i'm in the mood to make homemade ketchup and mustard. i'm inspired by a distant thought of some homemade condiments i had at jamboree in the hills a few years ago. someone brought homemade spicy ketchup and mustard. as for my ketchup, i think i need to look up a general recipe. last night, i blended up some stewed tomatoes with some vinegar, and added onions and hot peppers and a bit of garlic. it wasn't just right, so i added some homemade dill relish that i'd made a few weeks back from dill pickles, garlic, and onions. that didn't push the taste in the direction i'd expected, and by this time, it was a bit liquefied, so i added flour. i know i'm retarded, and there is no flour in ketchup, but i needed a thickener and i'm a culinary explorer. sometimes culinary explorers take wrong turns and perish in dietary crevasses. luckily, i had my cramp-ons tied tightly and my rope held fast. enough of the stupid ice-flow climbing references. i'll have to look up a recipe and try again.

back to the story, jules probably won't be back to the apartment until thursday or thereabouts, so i have plenty of time to experiment some more. in other news, jules is PISSED!!! she DESPISES needles. from a few posts back you'll know thati had to get a 2nd blood test because mine had expired, so i went down with jules. several days after that, she was sent to tunisia with the explicit clarification that her blood test would be valid when she returned. we found out yesterday that was an explicit lie, so she has to go get her 2nd test today. i can't be with her today for a distraction, so i'm wishing her the best. i know she gets so anxious. she is going to call me when it happens if she can, so she has something to take her mind off. it's just so stupid, how 3 of the 6 TAs onsite have had to have their blood tests retaken because no one here knows the exact procedure for doing this visa thing. it's deplorable.

so that's me. oh, i got my XBOX 360 hooked up last night. i had some networking issues at first, but i finally even got on XBOX LIVE, which we (BTBz) thought might be impossible due to no middle east servers being available. that'll give me something to do until jules gets back. then i'll teach her to race NASCAR, frag in halo3, and snipe in GRAW2. i can't wait.

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