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14 May 2008

quickly 2

for some strange reason, about a year ago, i bought "the muppet show - season 1". i'd heard that there were some pseudo-adult jokes in it, that kids wouldn't normally get, and i was a kid when i watched it back in the day. i've watched the first 5 episodes, and TheMom probably thinks i'm nuts. i was actually excited talking about it the other day in how I PERSONALLY am rediscovering actors that i thought were new to the biz, but have been busy at it since at least 1976, the year "the muppet show" debuted.

por ejemplo, joel grey was in episode 3. i saw this young dancer/singer and said to myself, "he reminds me of the 'sloane clone in alias. that same guy played at sorcerer with a tail in buffy, the vampire slayer on TV." so i went to, looked up his name, and holy shite... it's the same guy, he's been acting since the 60's, and i just see him for the first time on action-dramas in the 2000's. i tell TheMom about this, and she says he sang "cabaret", which i wouldn't've known except that he sang it on "the muppet show" episode.

episode 5 of the same season had rita moreno as the guest star. i was surprised at her first skit where she's wearing a skirt with a slit ALL THE WAY to her waist, and as she's dancing, she's manhandling a french puppet, and throwing back drinks like a sailor. i thought she seemed familiar, and after a while, it dawned on me... she's "sister pete" from HBO's oz. man alive. again, i thought she'd just started acting or something since i'd never seen her before. then i found out from her imdb profile she was in west side story in 1961. i haven't seen west side story since music class in elementary school, so of course, i wouldn't recognize her from that. i guess it's not much to be excited about, i just think it is so neat to see them now, and then recognize them from 32 years ago on a kids show.

and on a side note before i go, i noticed another thing funny, speaking of oz. i don't watch any of the law & order franchises, though TheMom loves 'em. sometimes, when we are in the kitchen talking and it is on, i'll look up and recognize someone. i think whenever they need to cast for law & order they go through the old cast list for oz. of the 33 oz characters listed on the main oz page of, 23 of them have been on one of the law & orders. i was going to list them here, but that's just a little over the top. there are also two oz characters on Showtime's dexter. i just notice stupid stuff. i'd be smart if i could put my brain to more efficient and useful endeavors.

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