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07 September 2008

a force nine blowing on the beaufort scale... "storm front" - bill joel

man, i'm tired. i've noticed that when i sleep alone, i need way more sleep than when i share a bed with someone. i went to bed last night around 10:30pm and woke up at 5:30am... still spent. i only had one beer last night too, i was trying to regulate things, well since that didn't happen, i'll have to jump to the other side of the spectrum tonight, except jules and i might go on a bike ride and grab some dinner while we're out. riding bikes in maadi is fun, and despite being even more fun while slightly intoxicated, it is MUCH more dangerous.

my new cut is growing on me. it is kinda fun to play with. jules can't stop smiling when she looks at it and plays with it. that's nice for everyone. i wake up in the morning and it is TALL and resilient. i can't make it out of it's pre-stressed condition without lots of water. i need to get some "product" (jules' word) soon so i can go out in public without my mini-fro.

there are storm clouds a gathering next week. it'll be interesting to see how things go down, though i expect there will be little to no drama. i try to keep drama out of my life despite it traveling it's way to find me nevertheless. strangely enough, had i been a bit more diligent in something that was SO COMPLETELY unrelated to the situation, that storm would still be little more than a dirty breeze in the ocean for another month or so. funny how life works. i expect you to monitor my psychological condition over at ZUMEL this coming week. to compare my blogs to anything remotely sensible, NT is the front page, the updates, the breaking news, while ZUMEL is the want ads, the dirty local gossip in my life that's hidden in the back pages of the paper, all muddy from lying on the sidewalk.

anyways, it looks like i'm going to munich with a former colleague for 2 weeks at the beginning of october. he's try to get me there and two of his other buddies. we are going to spend a few days at the end of octoberfest, and then who knows what. i'm supposed to find the accommodations, but blah, i'm so tired and work is getting busy... it's killing me. i'll just hole up under a table and drink the dregs. i haven't even booked my flight. everyone thinks i need to get away for a bit, but i can't be bothered to get motivated. luckily, it does come and go, just i need it to go for a bit longer than a few hours when i'm so busy with work i don't have time to think about it. i need clear time in front of the computer to book my flight, look at a place to stay, and figure out what the hell else we are going to do in europe for 12-13 days, all the while trying to not think about storms.

i think i need to write a memoir about all the crazy ass stupid shit i do, but then i'd probably get locked up for being crazy or getting arrested for talking about something i did that i didn't know what illegal or something. i'm better at writing stream-of-consciousness poetry and prose than long essays, and chapters rambling on and on about nothing; but, i've done some things that would be so cool if some people found out about, well maybe not cool, but they'd see me in a whole new light, and it's not a bad light, it's just... polarized.

i'm getting off-track. re-reading this, you might think i was a bit intoxicated, but that's impossible at this point in time. i guess i just got lost for a bit.

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Blogger swedish chef dave said...

by the way, how much weight did you lose in India, I thought you had lost loads of weight with the dodgy food.

keep up the good work with the weight loss, I am proud of you, what is the aim, get below 200 pounds, make it 180 and i'll buy the beer for a week in Costa Rica


Dave down under

8:59 AM, September 07, 2008  

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