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16 September 2008


man, so much to talk about. this morning when we got to site, we heard rumor that our customer laid of some 25 or so people yesterday and didn't pay them, so today, no one is working. there are maybe 5-10 people available out of several hundred.
  • i got a call from TheSiteLead to book a flight today to doha, qatar to pick up some balance weights (we have a slight vibration problem onsite). he gave me the name of the guy i was to contact there, and i had to tell him i'd rather not go. he's someone i know about who i'd rather not meet... right now.

  • i think i forgot to tell you guys that i FINALLY paid off my school loans last month. we were all going to have a celebration, bitches for me, but then the jules thing shite the bed, and the party was moved to the background. my school cost total about $125k. when i consolidated in '03 or '04, i had about $25k i owed still. i buy some toys, but until that was done, i considered myself broke because i was paying as much as possible as often as possible to get out from under that mountain of debt. i was going to be debt-free up until i made a significant jewelry purchase in april that is no longer necessary. i'm paying that off for now, not sure what to do with it after, so about one more year then i'm out of debt again.

  • i really despise debt. i know no one likes it, but i just feel so oppressed by it at times (and though i've had significant debt from school and such, i've never really been unable to pay off my payments). i bought both my trucks cash (the first one was $2k, my most recent was about $10k). i don't like payments. i never over-extend my credit card, i use it to get hotel points on purchases and usually pay it off within a few days of the purchase. i don't own a house, but that is going to have to change soon. i'm growing up, and it's hard to bring a girl back to a hotel and have her think you respectable. maybe i'll throw myself a little party tonight for my school loan payment completion.

  • i'm tired.

  • i'm lonely.

  • my bed is empty, and i've lost my break-up poem book. good thing i transcribed most of them before i lost it, but still, there are things in there i might not want some people to see.

  • people tell me it gets easier every day, but if it does, that means how i feel about her has changed, and i don't want that. ignorance would've been bliss in this case, damn my 6th sense.

  • i'm going to munich for oktoberfest 2 weeks from today with an former colleague. i heard word today that his roommate in training and friend of mine might try to meet us over there as well. that would SO rock. now i just need to get motivated to find a flight, and hopefully one of them is on the accommodations. once i got on that R&R, that'll be almost one whole month jules and i won't see each other. i'm gone from 30-sept through about 15-oct, and i think she leaves 15 or 16-oct through the end of the month to see a friend in poland. damn separating, er, separate R&Rs. the last one in australia was so fun.

  • i might go the gym tonight, get toned up for the deutsch beergirls, see if i've lost any more weight.

that's enough for now, it's lunch time, and i need to think about other things.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one in Doha is that the same person that I'm thinking it is?

10:13 AM, September 16, 2008  
Blogger slyght said...


1:58 AM, September 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK good.

10:04 AM, September 18, 2008  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...


keep up with the weight loss, I am trying to lose the weight i gained in Doha 2 years ago, about 10 pounds only, i eat an apple only for lunch and yoghurt for breakfast, it took 4 weeks for me to get used to that, keep up the good work

I leave Oz today, hurrah, back to normal family life


Dave down under

10:36 PM, September 18, 2008  

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