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23 November 2008

this is why i'm single, vol I...

i think this is cool, AND, tonight, i was reading a book about an indian mathematician at the free happy hour (no ladies) that mentioned the airport i flew into and out of in india (vizag), AND because since it's tough to find drink in alex, i decided to come home and blog this post. let's see if blogger has an infinite loop as i link to my own link. i apologize if i destroy the internet so carelessly, so lasciviously.

now, onto the pictures... woo-freakin'-hoo....

oh, back in the day when all you needed was a deskful of condoms and a case of bud light (and, yes i DID use them all despite going to a NERD school)

yeah, post-party or the next day or something, but the plate says it all, and i was big pimpin' with the finger style!!!

this one just asked for it, i mean, come on... you put a sign on your car NOT to hump it, of COURSE someone is going to hump it. i'm guessing there is a website out there about this and i'm photo #28265. that's my guess

TheJRod sent those to me, he rocks. TheOtherMech is gone from site for a week, so that means either 1) i'll have less time to post about oktoberfest since i'll be working harder at work, or 2) i'll drink less after work and have a chance to blog. we'll see.

Oh, you think you're bad, huh? You're a fucking choir boy compared to me! A CHOIR BOY!
ah, oktoberfest... i miss thee. more o nthat later, if i ever get some free time. love y'all


Blogger themom said...

I saw you added the new pics (old times) and NO - you haven't changed a bit! Although the robe almost vaporized.

8:06 PM, November 23, 2008  

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