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10 February 2009

today was a good day

i mentioned in a post in december that i play a quick online game every morning gauging my "on"-ness. yesterday and today, i was BANG ON! i've been pretty nerdy lately, but i was, to steal from the cool snow-boarder guys, STOKED! i made it into the top 10, that is tough, and if it weren't for a few hasty decisions, i might've made the top 5. i had some good runs, starting both with 0.0 (perfect), a few 1.0s, it was good. i have a hard time with the circle in a triangle. so, that's my excitement for the day (and it's raining, so SWEET!). today (and yesterday) was a good day according to my gauge game. and, again, if you're interested, you can play the game here.

yesterday's score (click for full size)

today's score (click for full size)

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Blogger themom said...

Congratulations. 3.45 is still my best. Colton is even getting into it now. I will never be as good as you because of the damn parallellogram. (**you should hear Colton say that 3 times.)

8:44 AM, February 10, 2009  

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