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26 January 2009

my new motto/tattoo

i'm not big on quote tattoos unless they are hot tramp stamps like this. still, i think i've found my next tattoo. it's a toss-up. one is from a korn song, "divine", i heard last night while working out, and the other is from kurt vonnegut's timequake. of course, i'm only joking about the korn song, but it definitely gets you through to the second wind on the stationary bike. i'm really thinking about the vonnegut quote though. i highly suggest the book. his sense of humor is fantastic. it's a great quote expressing that the past needs to be placed exactly there, in the past. it's a "pick your self up by the bootstraps and move on" inspiration. now, i just need an inspirational font.

  • "fuck you! i'm fed up with you! i'm not as good as you? fuck you, i'm better than you!" - korn, "divine"

  • "You were sick, but now you're well again, and there's work to do." - kurt vonnegut, timequake

which do you prefer?

also, for those interested, i've updated my new work location, living quarters, my weight (man, i took a hit over the holidays, but i'm back to the gym), my countdown clock, and even managed a new ZUMEL post. look around the page for those magical updates.

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Blogger swedish chef dave said...

tatoos are momentary lapses of sanity, once you get them you wish you hadn't, they look OK for a short while and as you get older you think why the f**k did i do that, just my thoughts about tatoos, does your hotel room have two beds, i may travel over to see you, let me know

dave in the dumps

12:41 PM, January 27, 2009  

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