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29 April 2009

a favor from my peeps back in oHIo

i just found this, and because it's free, i'm asking you a favor. maybe after a journey to kahoot's or a night out on the piss, if you happen to cross the middle line near a white castle... PLEASE, someone try one of these for me and tell me how they are. i know i'm a freak, and i like white castle. i also like BBQ pulled pork. there's an extremely remote chance that i'll be done here in egypt by 30-june, but that means i just miss the free deadline by a day with travel. PLUS, you can re-use this coupon once every day from now until then (if it turns out to be good). let me know, please, someone, help a brotha out. you can even get me one and try to mail it, but i'm guessing customs would confiscate it, er no... get a few and super-freeze them for me. yeah, someone do that! you guys rock.

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