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10 May 2009

7-day sober, take 2

ok, several days back, i endeavored to go 7 days without drinking. i'm doing this to allay fears friends and family might have, AND it's healthy. as luck would have it, the next day, i was waiting outside the hotel for TheDriver, when a guy walked past who looked eerily familiar. i immediately thought it was a colleague i'd met almost five years ago in spain, but couldn't figure out what he would be doing here, since the only sites that i knew TheGeneral were working on were the one i'm at and the one i WAS at that is very far from here (i now know there was a small outage at an old site about 30 minutes from the hotel he was working on). apparently, he must've recognized me as well (though i had my long hair when we last worked together), but wasn't sure so he nonchalantly showed that the shirt he was wearing had TheGeneral logo on it... he said, "BigZac?", i said "TheJohn? (he shares his name with a popular fake news anchor from comedy central)", and it turns out that we were both right.

TheJohn, being scottish, likes his drink as most of us TAs do, and said that he'd see me at the bar that night to catch up, so i had one day sober and it all fell apart. i took the TheJohn on the weekly KFC run two nights ago, we caught up on where we'd been working and the like. two days ago, we had a day off, so i took him and his mechanical colleague golfing. we are absolute shite (except for the mech colleague, an american indian from oklahoma who hadn't golfed in 5 years or more, and he whooped us). it was good a time, but now his assignment is over, and today he flies out back to spain.

so now, i make my second attempt at healthiness. we'll see how it goes. i've been going to the gym fairly regularly; i do about 5 miles in 50 minutes, a leisurely pace that still works up a sweat. the gym scale says i'm at 98kg which is impossible (that's 215lb), so i need to track down a calibrated scale now. may hand is doing much better, i've updated with another picture at the bottom of this post. more updates to come. i'm still trying to tweak my keyboard to update ZUMEL. since i lost my last hard drive, i lost the specialized keyboard, so i'm rebuilding it now. hopefully, i can update there more soon. thanks to that one visitor i have who has hope i'll update it again, whomever you are.

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Blogger themom said...

Good luck, I know your intentions are good!! the hand looks so much better - hope all the gunk and larvae are all out!!

1:29 PM, May 10, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7 days...good luck I did 8 days sober and it sucked only thing that helped I was in the hospital and medicated and when I left I was still medicated. I am happy to have a beer now though.


11:46 PM, May 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you've obviously proven that you can go seven days sober, don't you think it's about time you go out and get pants-shitting drunk?

10:06 AM, May 15, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

that's kinda the plan. today, day 6, is almost over. sunday, i plan to celebrate my 0.0191 years of sobriety by getting unsober.

12:52 PM, May 15, 2009  

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