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03 May 2009

in related, good news...

while i was on my R&R in scotland that i have yet to post pictures of, i believe it was TheEJ and i got into a conversation on my drinking and how she might be a bit worried about me. i told her i've had more drink-free days since christmas when we talked about it, than in the past loads of years. she then emphasized "day" as in single, which it was. i've not gone two days without a drink in ages, so i told her probably out of drunken bravado, "i could do a week, easy". she recently asked me when i was going to start and i was non-committal as i usually am. i don't have much direction in life, which some find nerve-racking. i just kinda go with the flow, and really make decisions unless i stumble into them or am pushed; thus, here i am.

since i'm on antibiotics, i shouldn't drink to increase their effectiveness. i didn't drink yesterday, i ran 5 miles again, i ate sensible meals all day, and now i'm on today, day 2 of no drinking with no adverse effects (aside from a festering right hand, but that isn't drink related). ebola or bot flies or something pushed me to do my one-week trial run, so now i'm doing it. i'll let you know if i get the DTs, see polka-dotted elephants or spontaneously combust (well, you might have to subscribe the the egyptian papers to hear about that). i'm doing this to allay my friends' concerns, and MAYBE try to be a wee bit healthier. sucks because we are going out for a work dinner to see TheSiteLead off (yeah, I'M being forced into the position, and i'm pissed), and i get along best with most of my colleagues with a few drinks in. we'll see how i do. later kids.

P.S. TheSiteManager just walked in with my company laptop. after TWO MONTHS in limbo with the goofy IT guys, i have a brand-spankin'-new hard drive, and my old encrypted one with all the crap on it i want that i can't get to. AWESOME!!! i can feel my OCD trembling at the base of my cerebral cortex, just dying to boot it up and get things back the way they were. that'll be weeks of work, i'm sure.

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Blogger adhyapaka said...

This is great news! And to think, it only took your hand rotting off to get you to try it...No, seriously, I'm really glad that you're taking care of yourself, especially since your body needs to fight whatever is going on with your hand.

10:35 AM, May 03, 2009  

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