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21 June 2009

my EGYPT accident

today on the way home, we were involved in an accident. it's the worst so far that i've been in, but that's still a far cry from the carnage you can see on the egyptian highways. we all had our seat belts on, and TheDriver did the very best he could to avoid an accident that wasn't his fault. i'm proud of him, we're still alive with no injuries.

we were on a feeder road onto the alex-cairo agricultural road which we take all the way to alex. as you can see from the pix at the bottom, we were heading WNW on the feeder; whereas, this truck made it's own road from the highway offramp that loops east. he tried to get across our feeder to the gas station before we got to him. it didn't happen. TheDriver got as far to the right of our lane as possible to avoid him and started on the brakes. sadly, since this is in the desert, sand collects at the edge of the road, so though he was turning right (towards the gas station lot), his tires were nevertheless sliding forward. since he was on the brakes, our momentum threw the front end down so we basically slid under the side of the truck. we stopped in the lot ready to talk to TheTruckDriver until he bolted. well, TheDriver would have none of that. he threw it back into driver and bolted after him, even as the bumper and other hood underparts were grinding away at the tire. we caught him after 1/4 mile and forced him to the shoulder. THEN TheDriver, ThePartsGuy, and TheTeaBoy all bolt out of the car dragging TheTruckDriver out of his truck!! TheTeaBoy had procured a ball-peen hammer from somewhere and was threatening TheTruckDriver with it (i think this is actually common in egyptian accidents, i've seen bats and pipes pulled out on at least two other occasions). they yelled for a bit, we made some calls, some other drivers came out to bring the cops, and i was sent home while TheDriver had to go to the police station to file the report. i offered to go to ensure that he wasn't in trouble, because it was 0% his fault, but the cop (through a driver translating) told me he knows the problem, and i wouldn't be needed.

so, here's the damage...

the damage we received from the right (TheDriver's side)

the damage we received from the left (my side)

the damage WE inflicted... a bent bolt for securing the load and a bent sheet-metal mudflap.

that's a truck full of LNG (liquified natural gas ~ propane) tanks we ran into

how our accident happened... click the pic to read it a bit better

btw, there is a new poll up. whatcha think of my style?!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, good thing you're okay. Reminds me of one of the very first days I was in Greece. Traffic was backed up for forever. I finally get nearer the traffic light, and out of nowhere I see this dude running for his life. Then I see another guy go running by with a big bat. WTF?!

Fuzzy top and beard. A goatee makes you look like you have a pussy on your face -- and not in the kind of way you'd want!


1:04 PM, June 21, 2009  
Blogger themom said...

Oh well, I am so very glad you are OK. Having seen the way the crazy driver's manipulate through the "highways", and the countless accidents daily - you are lucky. Was that Emad that went after the idiot propane gas cannister driver? I would have been in the idiot;s face for sure.


Colton says I love you! And hopes you are OK.

2:07 PM, June 21, 2009  
Blogger Chris said...

Bring me that Nissan. I could pop those dents out with a terlet plunger. ;-)

Glad you're okay.

2:32 PM, June 21, 2009  
Blogger adhyapaka said...

So, when the hell are you getting out of there again? So glad all is well, and I'll have a celebratory drink in your honor. I voted fuzzy top and goatee...Wayne's just obsessed with pussy and sees it everywhere...don't listen to him... :-)

4:59 PM, June 21, 2009  
Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

your going to give your mother a heart attack

11:10 AM, June 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


that is going to be your last big incident, glad your OK, I have the wife and the little girl with me in Pamplona and they are going to be here for the running of the bulls, i will be working as typical, but life is Ok and the weather is pretty Ok now, they are talkig about me going to tunisia for a week but that bullshit aint gooing to happen while Jenny si here, keep safe and ease off the booze, i like the short goatee best

dave in the navarra wine region

4:13 PM, June 23, 2009  

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