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12 June 2009

my treadmill 5K

yesterday i attempted to gauge my 5K time on the hotel treadmill. first i weighed myself then i put on my "running" music which consists of some speed metal and hardcore rock (static-x, chevelle, etc). i hit the "5K" button, input my weight, and randomly chose "level 5" not really knowing the specifics of level 5. now, when i run my normal 50 minute run, i set it at 7.5. i'm not sure if that's mph or just a random computer "level" setting on the treadmill, but 7.5 is a good pace for me. once i hit start, the "5K" program ramps you up through three stages through the first two minutes until you get to your 5K pace. it started at like 6.5 then moved up to 9.6 which was a bit brisk, then all hell broke loose as it ramped up to my final pace of 12.7. my heart dropped as i noticed the control panel was moving farther away from me... i was dangerously drifting away from the "SLOW THE FUKK DOWN" button. i lunged toward the button and was lucky enough to get it down to the "level 1" setting, around 7.5 where i like it.

all was safe... or so i thought. i guess i expected too much from the internal computer of the treadmill. it teased me by letting me get into a running comfort zone then, seemingly randomly, decided to speed up to 9.6 again. i seriously almost took a header like the dude in this video. i didn't go down, but i stumbled noticeably (though luckily no one was there to notice). i had to fight with the damn thing every 4-5 minutes to get back down to my comfy 7.5 setting. when i finished, i ended up where i expected, 5K in 25 minutes, but there were some technical difficulties, so i could probably trim a few minutes off. we'll see. i'll let you in on the joke next time i try it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just do it manually. Start out at your pace, then bump it up to go faster if you're feeling it.

Isn't there a metal clip with a cord attached that is subsequently attached to a magnetic emergency stop? A lot of them have them. You clip to your shorts so that if you get far away, it pulls the magnet off and the tread stops rapidly.

And, yes, generally, the speed setting is mph.


11:22 AM, June 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And update your weight loss graph!

11:25 AM, June 12, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

the magnet thing on the treadmill is touchy. i hate it, so i don't mess with it. one day i was running, and the jarring from me running must've broken that magnetic contact for a nano-second and the belt stopped and i ran full bore into the control panel. i was pissed. if i had a camera on me, i'd've been a youtube sensation.

11:50 AM, June 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That 7.5 is km/hr in Egypt dude.

3:15 AM, June 14, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

i had that same concern, but there is a kilometer/mile setting on there. it is set to miles.

5:34 AM, June 14, 2009  
Blogger trinnydecca said...

I almost bit it big time on a treadmill in a health club in michigan once. it propelled me into the partition holding fake plants behind the treadmill, nearly knocking it over. The staff that was working the check-in desk was visibly shaking from trying to hold back their laughter. Thankfully I did not fall down, but it was so beyond embarrassing that I ultimately decided not to care.

6:05 PM, June 21, 2009  

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