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27 July 2009

the hash booze cruise

two fridays ago, the hash group had dwindled a bit. many are away right now on their summer R&Rs, so it was down to just TheEweTrollop, TheKiwi, and me. TheEweTrollop had been trying to organize a small boat outing, so thursday, he calls me up at work and asks if i'd be interested in going sailing the next day rather than hashing. i thought it was a good idea, since i had a good time on the big boat in australia. he also invited me to dinner that night at TheKiwi's place. after work, i cleaned up and found my way to TheKiwi's. he has another younger kiwi roommate now, TheKiwiMike. TheKiwiMike was grilling some steaks, TheKiwi was making a salad, TheEweTrollop and i were supervising from a safe distance with beer in hand. the meal was good, but pretty much any free meal is good. the meat was a bit overcooked but TheKiwiMike was concerned about meat-borne diseases here in egypt. we talked, bullshat, dissed each other, drank, and then went out to ThePC. TheEweTrollop had some friends coming in and they were going to meet us there. TheKiwi and TheKiwiMike found a THIRD unknown kiwi at ThePC and struck up a conversation with him. TheEweTrollop and i took his buddies to another dive bar in town, TheSpitfire. there, TheEweTrollop caught up with his friends while i caught up with long lost full bottles of beer. i talked briefly with an egyptian teacher at the american college who noticed i was speaking a bit of arabic. i watched a few scenes from "open water 2" which i didn't take as a bad omen until i realized we were going boating the next day. far too late in the evening, we left the bar and went our separate ways to meet up the next day for the trip.

i arrived at the meeting point right on time. TheEweTrollop and TheKiwi were already there ready to get in the boat. TheKiwiMike hadn't made it as he didn't leave the bar until the bar asked him to leave around 6AM. the two kiwis even did so well as to piss off the stranger kiwi about something or other than i couldn't be bothered to care about. well, before i get too far into this story, i think TheEweTrollop documented the boat trip best in TheDeltaDrivel (the hash newsletter for the alex hash). check out that link for the rest of the story. and for more pictures, you can check out my flickr set.

ah, good times.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't he just jumo in the water and do that? Or is the bay too filthy?

1:52 PM, July 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry - "jump"

1:53 PM, July 27, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

he could've, and he pondered it, but... he's welsh, what can i say? still, we laughed until our sides hurt.

2:13 PM, July 27, 2009  
Blogger themom said...

When I read that yesterday - I thought it was gross. Damn Welsh people! The blog was great though. NOW - how is the arm??? Skype is available you know.

2:31 PM, July 27, 2009  
Blogger trinnydecca said...

Is that why they call it a "poop deck"?

1:09 AM, July 30, 2009  

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