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14 May 2005

i'm an IT...

... peon, a failure, no, an IT eunuch.

i was so excited, i got my computer working, downloaded all the e-mails i needed (work and personal), only one day left in the work week. then i had some registry warnings, so i downloaded a reg cleaner, but work was done so i sjutdown and went back to the hotel to fix it there. well, my computer and i didn't have a chance to make up. i booted up and got an "unknown hard error". now it can't even find the harddrive to use the boot disks on. says there is no harddrive found. lovely.

so, i'm finally caving. i have to send it off to just outside delhi (there is a meningitis outbreak there) to get fixed, that is if it doesn't "disappear" en route. things like that happen here. then i'm sure they'll say the HD is screwed, need a new one, that'll take a week to order and receive, then they'll reload my coreload, i'll lose all those important e-mails i downloaded, all my personalization gone, lots of reinstalling, etc. i'm sure it'll be missing lots of important company software that should be on it but never is. and all this is presuming that it arrives HERE without "disappearing". see, i'm going all out shipping with Fedex, they seem to be trustworthy. they return items shipped using Blue Dart. Since i've never heard of them and none of their tracking number work, i'm guessing they are worse then DHL (see recent post about kicking items to destination). the same office shipped me an AC adapter about a week ago, the tracking number isn't recognized by the website, and you could probably walk here in a week. jeez. i give up, so if my posts are a bit infrequent, don't give up on me, i'm trying to steal the other TAs computer as much as possible.


Anonymous this ain't no motherfuckin' t said...

I'm going to kill a few birds with this post. First of all congrats to steadman on her W. Congrats to Kasey Kenneth Kahne on his first NASCAR W of his career. Ironically, he said in the pre-race that if he could beat anyone it would be Tony Stewart and I'll be damned if Stewart didn't come in second. Also I'd like to make a comment about DHL since Z brought them up. UPS and FedEx are class acts. DHL on the other hand is not. Everytime a DHL van pulls up to make a delivery at my place of work the van always has some bass pumping. I'm just waiting for someone to submit their DHL van to Pimp My Ride. Thank you.

11:53 PM, May 14, 2005  

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