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27 June 2005

drunken is as drunken be

the new controls TA is pretty cool. drinkin', skydivin', interested in one of the nerd books i'm reading --Prime Obsession: Bernard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics -- that's cool in my small, insignificant book of coolness. i DO believe i'm making a friend, another strange thing here on the road, which we actually talked about. strange to see such similarities in such differences. or is it so common, we tend to overlook it. am i being deep (mahatma ghandi) or obviously vague (miss cleo)? damned it, i'm not even sure. i think i'm drunk.

right here (right-click and save-as might save some time), i'm going to try to link to a ~12 Mb movie showing the distance from col's, OH to rajahmundry INDIA. i tried to make it smaller but couldn't find a program that could do it. was really choppy. think it might be my shite work computer processor. we'll see. so check out the MUY LARGO file. maybe it will be worth it, you high speed users. if there are any NASCAR fans out there. i downloaded a keyhole patch for NASCAR tracks, i can zoom into any one from space or from another place. get at me with some track you might want to see.


Blogger Derek said...

Derek Chronicles was here !

2:52 AM, June 28, 2005  

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