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22 June 2005

a little over a month

woohoo, i'm getting outta here. well not so much, but i'm looking forward to my getting away for a bit. i got the invitation details for my buddy back home, red's, wedding. made me think about going home. so boyz, i get back in bellaire july 27th around noon. i'll probably spend a couple days back home to see my fam. probably come up to cols that weekend to hang out and possibly a bachelor party if things could be in the works. not sure if the bride-to-be would be cool with that. brides-to-be seem to not like me going to bachelor parties with their men as sometimes they end up in jail on drunken disorderly charges. it only happened once but it sticks. we'll see what we can get together if we want to.

what's this i hear about chad now? say it ain't so... no really. i haven't heard from home in a while. though the grapevine is a bit withered over here, it IS still here. eh it's all good.

i just got finished watching some mr. show season 1. i wasn't one of the original viewers, i believe that was party pagoda era, but i decided i'd try to catch up. pretty good stuff. didn't realize jack black and janeane garofalo were in it. anyways, i'm just kinda rambling here. i'm watching TV, eating crappy indian food, tpying this, and listening to some nocturneradio (DJ Dreamer doing some "shit-stompin'" country music. i'll try to add something more coherent later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was *not* disorderly, nor was I charged with it.

9:54 AM, June 25, 2005  

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