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19 June 2005

fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate...

hate leads to suffering. oh how true. not sure about the fear part, but i'm very angry and suffering out the wazoo, some my fault, some this place. had to get up at 4AM this morning to do an alignment on a rotor that i knew wouldn't pass, they are visually out of alignment by 9mm, and our adjustment is maybe 4mm, so we are fucked. but still had to come in to make the customer happy. so that was a 14 hour days on my usual day off. therefore, minimal drinking on my drinking day (saturday), no DVDs on my DVD day (sunday). only goods thing is 9 hours DT = 2days+2hours paid vacation.

then i get home, plug in my 160Gb HD, get online, surfing, checking e-mail, relaxing, and my HD slides off the chair (limited space in the room for all my peripherals) AND CRASHED MIGHTILY TO THE GROUND. now instead of working, it clicks or buzzes or something. all my mp3s are on there, my backup is dead. i've been tpying with the idea of triple redundancy and now i'm sold. actually have the drive at home (bought it online) ready to do the backup but too late. luckily IOMEGA says they do data recovery, so as soon as i get home i'll have to see if they can hook me up.

sure it's not all india's fault, but i'd rather blame india than blame it on the rain (got that song stuck in my head the other day). i wasn't having this kind of shit luck back home. and if i was, i could get it fixed a lot easier than here.

enough of this, i just figured i'd update this. i'll end with a rather astute observation made by a fellow field engineer:

courtesy of swedishchefdave:
So what can I deduce from my night out in the clubhouse, alcohol doesn’t make me sleep any better, eating a big greasy meal for breakfast doesn’t cure a hangover and gulping lots of water can only induce vomiting if not carefully controlled, something I should never want to do ever again , until the next time of course.


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