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01 July 2005

same ol', same ol'

boring here as per usual. had to work til midnight tuesday might, normal day wednesday, then had to be in at 4AM thursday morning for alignment.

my brilliant self stayed out drinking mighty heavily with the new controls TA til midnight wednesday. having to get up at 3AM to leave the hotel at 3:30. in my 42% still asleep/58% still drunk state, i couldn't figure out how to turn the alarm off so i tossed it across the room and passed out again. the driver called me at 3:30 and i hurried downstairs. rough as hell, still drunk, drinking water like a camel, i get to site and no one was here. probably a good thing with liquor oozing out me pores, but i was livid. wrote some nasty e-mails, dropped a note under the managements door, and left. got back to the hotel around 5AM and went back to sleep. they called me all morning looking for me. fuck em. they didn't say much when i came back in at 9. they've learned that i just don't give a shit anymore, so now they pick on the new controls TA.

i've been trying to give her anti-pep talks. trying to teach her to be less cooperative to the customer since they seem to like giving us a hardtime. i think she'll see the light in time and come over to TEAM APATHY.

here's a few signs i made and hung up in our office. our customer is L&T by the way. they didn't find the humor. oh but i did. i might have to take the company customer-centric course again.

The L&T way

L&T civil contractors

The typical answer to their questions


Anonymous C said...

Sorry no Japanese poems lately. I've been drinking with my neighbor A LOT lately. I don't know the last two weekends in a row I was up past 4:00 AM. Getting old I guess. What's this about Chad? I haven't heard anything about anyone. If the grapevine is shriveled in India, it has died and is non existant in NC. I took off work today because I have some new living room furniture coming today... complete with Scotchgard and a 5 year stain warranty. So, when you stupid bastards come visit and barf everywhere, I'm covered. Have a good 4th, and remember, firecracker baseball with a PVC pipe actually is NOT a good idea, especially if there's a screen door anywhere in sight.

11:23 AM, July 01, 2005  

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