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04 July 2005


happy 4th of july to all my little patriots back home. i'm sorry i couldn't be there for the annual euchre-n-playboy-n-drunken-fireworks extravaganza at my house. i'm hoping you all had a good time. jay was throwing a party at his place in cleveland, i think the bellaire folk were getting together at juddy and steadman's last night. the sacrilege, a day early. you guys think you are grown-ups or something? and i hear maybe no fireworks. the poor display saddens me, though i did hear juddy was trying to get some porn together to keep some semblence of a typical 4th party.

i got an e-mail from randi, she is in india and wants to come visit. that is what, last year that i invited her down for the 4th. lovely anniversary. i tihnk she is staying in the north more though, so i'm not sure if she could make it down before i leave on the 24th.

went around town yesterday on our day off. the controls TA was going to go around checkin gout some temples, and she was nice enough to invite me along. for some reason, the temples close from 2-5 and we went at 4, so we got to look at the m form the outside and take a few pictures. then we wandered aimlessly along the godavari river and quite accidentally found our way back to the hotel. we were quite impressed, me in particular with my overpowering lack of a sense of direction. it was good to get out of the hotel. i kinda gave up on the place and reserved sundays for DVDs and reading. the hotel told us about a temple that is in the middle of the river, so i think next weekend we may take a boat to go check that one out.

on the way back, we took a shortcut on some back alley toget to the hotel and there is a tiny little shrine deal going on there. there were some people praying and we went over to check it out. i'm a bumbling idiot around religion, i'm surprised they can't sense tha ti'm going to do something sacriligious and send me on my way. we were invited into the shrine area, but you have to take you shoes off before you go up the 3 or 4 stairs. we did and went in, then you have to clang this ridiculously loud bell and do some 3rd base coach signals resembling "steal 2nd base on the 3rd pitch". i think these gestures are in reverence to the many gods. we then went in and were introduced to 8-9 idols and told what they were gods to: money, grain, babies, etc. then we were supposed to make a wish and drink some nasty looking water and eat some lentils. they put a strange bronze chalis on your head upside down, pour some rice on your head, all the while mumbling incoherently under their breaths. i'm sure they aren't praying, just trying not to laugh at all the funny things they can get away with on foreigners. so we left, then they asked for our room numbers which we were not giving. can't think of a good reason why they would want them, but hey, their indian. i put my shoes back on, and figured i should leave a tip (actually suggested by the other TA, as i'm not really attune to paying to be ridiculed). you have to give the tip in front of the gods up the stairs, and i forgot i had my shoes on, and stepped up. i stopped before i got too far and took my shoes off but i don't think they were happy. either way, i get up their, drop them 70 rupees (about $1.50), but i dropped it on the tray with my left hand so the old lady sternly told me to pick it up, trasnfer it to my right hand and deposit it. good god, i wanted to just take the money back but i efelt it was a lose-lose situation no matter. then i had to do some more gestures, this time more like "the batter is bunting so get your ass to this base now!". and we went back to the hotel where much beer was had by all (and some scotch or whiskey or 80% rubbing alcohol, i don't recall, though i only had a little sip and lots of nasty drink faces).

end of the day, i'm outta, hope you are all having fun, if you are drunk, or bored, drop me a comment.


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