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03 August 2005

being back home

man, this time back home has gone fast. haven't had much time to relax between running back and forth to columbus to see friends, host/partake of bachelor parties. here at home i have a ton of errands i have to run, visas to arrange, help around the house. now tomorrow i'm going back to columbus to prepare for red's wedding. it's just absolutely nuts.

i got our wireless internet setup today so i'm chilling on the back porch, drinking a few beers. i was sitting here having finished a flipping back and forth between playboy and some other less entertaining show, and thinking of the good times. sitting on the back deck of my place, drinking beer, looking up at the stars. there were some good (read: strange) conversations had here, some hookups began, some were stopped as much as they could be before they started. new years, 4th of july, some other random parties in between. they were good times. and now i sit here alone in some finally good temperature (it was 100° today), and reminisce. i never was the really cool, or the really popular. i was smart, nerd, part of the "week in update" once it was handed to chad. i was a friend and an asshole, usually i nthe same week to the same person.

i believe the end of an era is on the horizon, if not already shining at my feet. as far as i can really think, i'm the only single person among my friends... married: clint and amy, jay, jared, soon-to-bed red and amy. in serious relationships: juddy and steadman, T and erin, chad and jackie. single: me. i think you guys are moving on, but i'm afraid that i'm afraid of that change, i wanna sit right here and keep it the way it was. i know i can't, but i'm not ready for everyone to be growing up. i don't have a desire to settle down meself, but i wish someone else didn't, so i had some people to play with when i come home. i wish the parties were the same but we've grown and most of us are actually in columbus now. i never was good at the change thing.

it feels like the stars are passing me by, and i see the planes crawling slowly across the sky, and i wonder where are those people going so loudly.

enough. i'm leaving soon and i'm packing it all in while i can.


Anonymous mom said...

that's ok buddy - your time will come to grow up. enjoy every day - because as i always say "life is too too short!"

memories are a great thing!


6:22 PM, August 04, 2005  
Anonymous Miami T said...

I hear ya loud and clear Z. I always think about how easy it used to be to get the boys together for some good times, but now it's like pulling teeth. Only time we all get together is when someone is getting married, or traded to the other team as I like to call it. Well looks like my contract is up for renegotiation and the free agency market ain't what it used to be. Looks like it's the trading block for me as well. But at least these weddings are providing many more memories to think about. Shout outs to everyone from 217/219 and da 808.

9:48 AM, August 10, 2005  
Anonymous the Gigalo said...

Thanks for making my mom cry. Seems that the last blog entry has caused quite a stir. In fact, it even inspired me to check your damn page for first time in like two months.

Nevertheless, growing up is just part of life. Sure, I still long for the parties of way back when, and the days with no cares and responsibilities. But no matter how much you want things to stay the same, they simply won't. It just sucks that life in Ohio moves on, sometimes quickly, while you're stuck in some gawd-forsaken third-world shite-hole where you can't move forward. I feel for you brother. Just remember we'll always be "boys."

11:18 PM, August 10, 2005  

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