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24 July 2005

on my way

well i've made the first leg of my trip home. i'm currently dicking around at the leela kempinski hotel in mumbai. they have a nice chinese restaurant i'm gonna go check out. i've been there before, pretty nice.

i need to take a nap. i'm knackered. i dicked around last night til like 5:30 this morning, all the while knowing i had to get up at 7:30AM. but it was raining **mmm rain***. i chilled out on the balcony in the rain most of the night. hell of a time. soaked to the bone, the only bad thing was i have a list of things i have to bring back for the other TAs onsite, and my list was obliterated by the time i took it out of my pocket, soaked. i think i can piece it together. yeah yeah, i know i'm weird, but i was LOVING the rain. for the first time, i didn't feel so bad about this country, like it was cleaner. i was... happy. and a bit drunk so i'm sure that helped a bit. i was almost sad about leaving but i pushed that away, i mean, i'm gonna be back here in a little over 2 weeks, i'm sure it'll still be here. it's still raining, been raining since last night. i have a thing, a peeve if you will, where if i'm going to bed when the birds are chirping, odds are it won't be a good day, very cranky-like. but this morning, yes there were birds, and yes i was going to bed, but i'm ok, i'm good.

i need to post some pictures, but i'm kinda hungry and need to sneak in a nap. maybe later. but i won't be near an internet connection for a while. i'm gonna be landing in NYC around noon on monday, getting my visa tuesday, getting back to the valley on wednesday (emma thinks i'm a hillbilly), and then from there, i know not. i'm sure i'll be up in columbus a bit, maybe coming up friday i think, staying a few days, then head back to bellaire to see the fams. just letting you know. see ya when i see ya.


Blogger Jules said...

it's still raining...and ya better decipher the list or you'll have some disgruntled ta's on your hands

2:25 AM, July 25, 2005  

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