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23 July 2005

hot & bothered?

the day is finally here. i'm gone, i'm outta here. well, technically tomorrow is the day, but today i'm free from this site and the customer for, like 2.5 weeks. ah sweet freedom. i hate packing, but for this, it will be worth it. strangely enough i wasn't really excited about it for the longest time. it just seemed like it would never get here, and having to be the site lead AND mech just wore me down a bit. but all is going to be good.

i was WRECKED all day yesterday, only toward the end of the day and a few more beers did i feel any better. today i'm a bit tired, but definitely going to drink to celebrate my escape. not too much though, i have to leave like 6:30 in the morning or something. i WILL NOT miss that plane. too bad, i'm going to have to leave my TAs here to face the evil meanies without me to protect them. i think they are ready though, gotta push em outta the nest sometime. i'm afraid they ar egoing to be too nice to the customer and i'll come back mr. big badass. eh, who cares.

i gotz me a question, and i expect a lot of comments. emma and i have differeing opinions on what "hot & bothered" means. i won't lead you in one direction or another, but get back to me with what "hot & bothered" means to you. **GO NOW** if i don't know you, even better because i'm guessing the votes will be skewed since my friends and i grew up together and probably learned it together. but like jay thinks a hooptie is a beater car, i think a hooptie is a pimp ride.

so, just know that the updates might be a bit more infrequent due to me having fun in a civilized country drinking the king of beers and maybe some scotch.

in closing, here is a picture of the items banned from being carried onto the plane at vizag airport where i'll be passing through tomorrow. they were REAL concerned about knives as they called them out generally and specifically. some of the others are nice too.


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