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26 July 2005

american soil beneath my toes...

...or at least urine soaked NYC sidewalks beneath my shoes.

i'm finally back in america. have to get my visa here in a few hours and the guy sending the invitation letter hasn't sent it yet, that sucks. these guys are messing with my in-country days. i CAN get the visa on my way out, but it keep me in country a few more days and i'm a self-proclaimed money bitch of late.

i'm hungry. i think i'm going to go venture out to get some early morning NYC diner food. i'm sure that will sit well in the indian consulate waiting line.

got me a new camera in paris during the layover. emma has a nikon coolpix S1, and we've had some friendly debate over whose is better (i have a canon powershot S1 IS). the big deciding factors seem to be the digital screen (her's is like 2.5" monstrous, mine is smaller but i can adjust the angle for hard to take pictures), size (her's wins hands down, it is EASILY pocketable whereas if i put mine in a pocket and walk through a playground, the fuzz would shake me down for being a pedophile). another one is zoom (just cuz i'm looking for an equalizer). mine is 10x optical, 32x total, where the nikon is 3x optical, 12x total. hers has this feature (she thinks it's cool) called d-lighting, where it removes light from an overexposed photo. useful, i guess but my canon doesn't overexpose. kinda like "hey my car comes with a full size spare and jack" and i'm like "i don't get flats with my impenetrable kevlar reinforced run flats". nice toy but only for fixing an error that shouldn't be there. so what i did i do? coming through france, i bought the nikon coolpix S2. if you can't beat 'em, don't join 'em, one up them. i bought the newer version. completely useless upgrade that covers the lens and cost me an extra 50 euros, but hey, i like my gadgets.

heard my truck is screwed. basically, i'm going to be running from bellaire to columbus constantly this next week or so, and now my truck has a dead battery (no big) and no brakes?!?! come on, carrie, quit going NEAR my truck, hah. so now i have to try to be quick turnaround rookie mechanic. or rent a car. then i have to buy a truck. pooh. it is almost sucking to be coming home. no one knows what is going on for the bachelor party (i actually started some formalities in india for chrissakes), my truck's screwed, no invitation letter, need to buy a new truck, frickin' 90°+ back home when it was maybe 50-60° and raining when i left india. karma, why, why, WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!

ok, i'm gonna go get some food or something. see some of you in a couple days.


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