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22 July 2005

thank god i'm a country boy

dear god, kill me now...

i'm not sure i've even made it to the hungover stage yet, but odds are not looking good. ouch! the bad thing is, i blacked out last night BIG TIME! usually i forget things and someone reminds me and i'm like "oh yeah, i remember that NOW", but lots of last night is missing. i don't remember much past the 3rd drink except for little snippets here and there. they tried to make me dance a couple times but i was firmly against that. it was a party thrown by the end user for the installation company, TheGeneral, and the korean operations company. one of the koreans broke into the karaoke VERY early, singing a korean song to the only woman at the party, emma, and then broke into, get this, "thank god i'm a country boy". we were rolling. it was great especially with asian pronunciation of l's as r's. i remember emma breaking it down indian style at one point but i think that is the last real memory i have. i have to learn to be more social.

also, early on in the night, we were at the table with the HBH and got to talking about food. here they have snax and main courses, and those are divied up into veg and non-veg, thus leaving 4 categories to order from. so there were random snax passed around, mostly veg as indians in this area are primarily vegetarians, but they automatically brought some chicken snack for the white people. emma then explained that she is more-or-less (in india) a vegetarian. then the HBH went o nto explain to the rest of the table that Mr. Zac (played by the one-time best actor winner at bellaire high school, me) is a cannibal. i was going along with it rather casually figuring it was a confusion of words with carnivore or something until he said, "zac eats me every day". WHAT?!?! turns out he was referring to the fact that i give him a bollocking1 nearly daily for the inane questions posed and the absolutely unnecessary memos i have to give several times a day. i was too blown back to come back with a witty pun, i was just glad that he realized i was being a dick. i didn't want my point to be missed.

btw, check out my buddies blog here. i worked with him in turkmenistan and he's a good guy, funny as hell, we even did "the sprinkler2" and "the weed-eater" at the turkmen disco. he's not with TheGeneral anymore sadly (or maybe for the better), but still in the field. you should check it out. updates from the same field i'm in with a UK twist. he's currently in peru battling insomnia, getting over the cold, collecting pretty butterflies/moths, seeing scary huge beetles and somewhere in there working the controls on a turbine. i'm adding him to my links in the right sidebar. check him out, regularly, NOW!!! later kids

1 from, a bollocking is a "Lengthy series of verbal put-downs". while looking this up, i realized i was a dumb american, as i thought it was bullocking with a "U", from the root word bullock. set me straight as the definition of "bullocks" is "A term Americans mistakenly use when they really mean to say bollocks". fancy that. by the way, bollocks are testicles, crazy UK people, but i like it.

2dances courtesy of E.J. at athens


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