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17 August 2005


for some reason my chin is sore. and my left breastal a.k.a. pectoral area. wtf happened to me in hyderabad? i know i ran into a door at one point. i just closed the hotel door and needed to grab something i forgot in the room so i turn around, grab the handle (locked) and run into the door full bore. i'm guessing i may have done something similar to sore up my man boob and chin. hrm. dunno.

also, i just remembered. emma and i had an afterhours beer sometime last week, we were on the balcony, and i was trying to teach her how to spit. imagine a farmgirl who can't spit, whoduvthunkit? so we are practicing spitting on the motorcycles just below the balcony, and we hear loud music that had been going on all night. i'm not usually a curious person, in so much as wanting to chase down random music at what might've been 2-3AM (maybe?). we ended up at the end of the hallway where we found a wedding going on at the hotel ballroom. indian weddings typically go on at weird hours and for long durations. the time, date, etc. of when they get married is determined by the combination of their starcharts by some holyman i guess. so thes epeople were destined (probably by arranged marriage) to get married very late in the evening. some of the wedding guests (it may have been a brother of one of the newlyweds) dragged us in, walked us through the crowd, and sat us near the back of the hall near the band. the bamd is lots of drums basically and a trumpet or two breaking it down for extended periods of time while the newlyweds cavort around doing something probably traditional but it looked rather boring to me. and they are under these wicked hot lights. we stuck around and watched the ceremony for maybe 10 minutes, when things calmed down we tried to make a quiet getaway. it was neat to see a wedding close up like that. if only the story ended there.

i found a beer i forgot i had in my fridge so we were going to have one more for the ditch, so when i knock on emma's door, the brother comes up and grabs us and takes us back to the wedding STILL going on. we were ushered to the front row JUST off the stage where the bride and groom were. this guy even moved 2 ladies out of their front row seat for us to sit. they were doing some sort of blessing thing, and apparently being blessed by drunk white americans is a sign of a healthy and happy marriage here. we were given some rice and instructed to kneel on the stage near the couple under the BLAZING lights (i don't know how they sat there for so long). we had to sprinkle our rice on the heads of the bride and groom, did that and were supposed to either bow or kiss the feet of the holy man who was sitting on the stage. we bowed fairly close to his feet to try to not be wrong, and then had to get our picture taken in this strange little pose, they moved us a bit for a better picture, and i ended up knocking over a pitcher or something just off the stage with my dumb boy feet while trying to maneuver for said picture. we left the wedding almost immediately. so not only did we SEE an indian wedding, we ended up being pseudo-guests-of-honor. excellent, i just hope it doesn't mean we got married to an indian couple, that would be weird. or, well, i guess it could be... no, it would be weird.


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