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11 August 2005

back to regular blogging

ok, i'm back in india.

the flights were long. on the trip from pitt to chicago we accidentally flew through another jets stream. THAT was a bumpy ride, and it was right after the captain had just gotten off the radio saying the seat belt sign had been turned off. then from chicago to frankfurt, germany, then from there to hyderabad, india, and finally onto vizag. i arrive in hyderabad and my name is on the lufthansa board at the end of the jet bridge. i find out that there was a "property irregularity", and my bags weren't with me. they think they missed the plane in germany, and they told me they should arrive in hyderabad in 24 hours on the next flight. i told them i was leaving in 12 hours for another city and they told me they would clear customs for me and send them along. so i find the sheraton guy who works at the airport to get a ride to the hotel and he can't find me on their list of incoming people. he finds me a car anyways, and they still book me a room (how nice of them). 12 hours later i'm at the airport and i'm told my ticket was canceled since it was on some sort of time schedule that had expired (???), but THEY were nice enough to find a seat for me as well. so it all sucked. i just got off the phone with lufthansa and 2 of my bags are in hyderabad, the 3rd is coming tonight, and NOW i have to be there to clear customs. WTF?!?! i clearly asked if they could clear it for me and send it on, and they said yes. now the story changes, so i might be making a crazy ass dash to hyderabad to get my bags. i bitched quite a bit to the guy and i think he is going to try to get it done for me. he damned well better, or pay for my flight there and back. just another thing to add to the inexplicably long list of reasons i hate this country.

but i'm getting ahead of myself. red and amy. the wedding . the wedding i went to this past weekend was fabulous. i would definitely have to say it was one of the best times i've had in years. the bride was beautiful, the weather was great (a bit warm, but good for an outdoor wedding), the people had a good time. it was awesome. the best man, red's younger brother matt (little red), dropped the ring. i think he was a bit nervous, but it was funny, not in a disastrous way. we really took to little red. we are going to have to train him in the ways of red, and we can bring him along whenever red is busy or "on his way". i was paired up with red's older sister, kristen, and her little girl, lauren, the flower girl. she is fairly conservative in her motherhood, and i'm not (i wore a kilt to the wedding), so they thought it would be a good idea to put us together. um, OK. we didn't talk much during the wedding or rehearsal as she was tending to her little girl most of the time. during the reception, we talked a bit more but not too much. once we had a few drinks in, we were doing better though. our room was party central (i have that effect). at clint's wedding, it was the 818, and this time it was the 217/219. my roomed had an adjoining door with juddy and steadman's room so it was double the pleasure/double the fun.

the reception was a blast. chad singing "just a gigolo" - sad & lonley, sad & lonely; T breaking down "miami" even though earlier in the day he swore he wouldn't due to bronchitis; post reception, juddy sounded like an amateur camera phone pornographer - "KEEP MOVIN'!". he was taking a movie, but to get the gist here is a pic of me and T's lady, and the "KEEP MOVIN'!" position (chad, you gotta get that sex face looked at). ah, so many stories. the kilt went over well. chad always had his hand in trying to get me flashing, just in case i wore these. took some good groomsmen pictures, i need to get the "fun" shot from his mom. the sunday before the wedding, juddy, steadman, and i went to showtunes at a gay bar in the short north with christy's friend, troy. troy taught us about "stage kissing" where you put your thumbs in between the lips. i speak of this because i decided to kiss just about every klempa in the wedding like little red, father of the groom, and the father of the bride using this technique, but in my insobriety my thumbs gradually spread further and further apart. looks like i really kissed red (sorry man). his dad got me though. i stage kissed him, then he got me out of nowhere and he got me good. i wasn't prepared for anyone to be intentionally kissing ME. it was a great time. after the reception (i know i'm bouncing around in time here), we all went back to the 217/219, drank more, i changed outta the kilt into some shorts. then kristen showed up (my wedding partner, if you don't recall). that was a surprise. there was a bar called the galaxy at the hotel next door and that's where all the bridesmaids were. she wanted to go over (or something like that), so i threw on my kilt and we went over. drank a guinness with her, but i was way too drunk to start drinking something that heavy so we went on to lighter fare. reiterated to erin that i hated her, but not just her, i hate everyone (she understands this and is OK with it), but her another bridesmaid, monica, doesn't know about this dark brand of humor i use. i tried to explain it to her but we were all drunk so i probably wasn't explaining it very well and she wasn't hearing it at all. still, it was fun. nice bar, good people, lots of drinking. hell yeah. i was really surprised how well kristen and i got along considering how we basically ignored each other all weekend. the beauty of alcohol.

as much as i was bummed about everybody moving on and getting married, etc., when they do, the celebrations make up for it a bit. ok, until i think of more debauchery, i'm done.


Anonymous mom said...

no matter what - you always seem to make the most out of bad situations. glad you are safe and sound although your luggage is quite another story. maybe it is because they WERE NOT over-weight?!?!? could have packed that sink after all.

luv ya Mom

11:36 PM, August 11, 2005  

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