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03 September 2005

mashed taters, oz, and HAMburgers?

so much to talk about and i'll forget some. man i fell onsite a couple days ago and i'm feeling it. i reinjured the ribs i broke mud-sliding at jambo last year, they are killing me when i laugh, cough or sneeze, which i do a lot of all. sprained my finger. 1 index finger trying to catch a support vs. 260 lb fat man falling... guess who loses that one. OBESITY DEATHMATCH!!! i reinjured the ankle i fukked up at the titty bar before coming to this lovely country, that's not doing too bad, not limping so much anymore. just the ribs are killing.

onto funnier updates... the other night we were told by the hotel they could make some burgers for us, real cow. so we show up at the bar and order our hamburgers and fries, all excited. about 15 minutes later out come these white bread sandwiches (with the crusts removed), and between the bread... cucumber slices (=pickels?) and cheese. we had to laugh. asked where the hamburger was and they explained that they didn't have ham. i guess we could take the blame on that one. so i ordered some mashed potatoes. amazingly enough they make them very good with butter. mmm. so my taters come out like this. like i said, my ribs are hurting and all i could do was laugh at my entire dinner. it was still good, but just... i don't get these people. here is a picture of our excitation TA, lael. we were drinking and to the best of his knowledge, his house was completely destroyed by hurricane katrina. he owns a house in ocean springs, mississippi (can't think of the abbreviation). biloxi was hit hard and it's just across the I-10 bridge from biloxi. the I-10 bridge was wrecked, looked like fallen dominos. he was basically taking it in stride. he located his family as being at the local air force base because his step mom is a bigshot nurse. he has since left to make his way to his foundation. poor guy. that really sucks. oh and yeah, on his nose... that's the popped cherry they put on my mashed potatoes.

back on subject, we ended up learning from our mistakes and ordering "beef" burgers two days ago, and they came, as burgers, it was good. they were thick, a bit of a strange consistency, a bit squishy, but still good. that was cool, different, almost like being back in the states... well that might be going a bit far.

my nephew, colton, had to get his teeth fixed, he's 5 tomorrow, but he had some cavities and stuff so they did some stuff, caps or crowns or something. apparently the are calling him "col-diddy" now. man, wtf? the poor kid. i need to get some pictures and post. he's a little cutie. when i go home, i steal him and take him to "the big mall" and gulla's for hotdogs. we have a good time. i miss him. apparently, he was REALLY good for the dentist, which surprises me a little bit. he'd not bad, but hyper and easily distracted. i'm trying to raise him right from half way around the world. kinda "Big Daddy"-style. i think that is all i have. when i get a pic, i'll post him and make him famous.


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