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28 September 2005

so many non sequitur things

the customer has my blood boiling. i believe the battle has begun and they've drawn first blood. almost all installations become a finger pointing match at the end over who's fault delays are, etc. an e-mail was sent behind my back listing all the shortcomings of my crew. many of these were completely minconstrued, only part of the story was told. i'm JACKED. i actually needed to take a walk before i threw something. i haven't been this mad in a while. i'm not liking it. but enough on that subject.

how about my super grizzliness? i was bored and decided i was going to quit shaving for a while. itches like a mofo, but i'm working through it. now this is a bitchin' 1-week beard. i'm tellin' ya, i EXUDE testosterone. i don't know how i keep the ladies off me. not but seriously, come on... i'm 20-freaking-7, man. this is the best i can do? it's embarrassing. i might have to pick up some rogaine or some shite. i'm hoping that my voice drops soon. wtf? my theory is that since i have SO much hair coming out the back of my head, it is kinda pulling the front hair in, like reins or something. of course, it's a bullshite theory, i have many of those, but it is those theories that help me get out of bed in the morning.

about my previous drunk post... as much as i despise most of the natives i've met on this subcontinent, there are a VERY few nice people too. our driver is one of them. his name is nagaraj. he makes like 3000 rupees a month, that's about $71 and change. 1/3 goes to his rent, 1/3 goes to his kids education, and the rest to food and whatnot. he has very little savings if any. this guy will track down anything for us. we want tuna, he finds it, we want some knock-off viagra, he finds it, he hooked us up with a driver in hyderabad and got a us train tickets on a fully booked train. he stay all hours of the night when we work late with no complaints. he's got a peaceful smile and an excellent laugh. i know i'm sounding a wee bit gay but this guy is awesome. ignorance may possibly be bliss. he never asks for a tip and we have to stuff tips in his pocket and run to get him to take it. this guy is awesome. i hope i don't corrupt him, but when i leave i think i'm gonna drop about $800 (converted to rupees, of course) in hi slap and run into the airport. that's a year's wages, start some savings for him, let him buy some non-essentials. not have to live paycheck to paycheck. i like that dude.

there's also a guy named karmlaka (i'm sure i butchered that). he was working in the warehouse here onsite. the first month or so, i worked with him daily in the heat and blazing sun inventorying crates out in the yard. all he had was a screwdriver and a hammer, the company wouldn't give him anything else. we used my leatherman a lot. he is a perfectly simple man. he is poor and he knows it, he is married, and though it was arranged, he says he TRULY does love her. he told me he has a small one room thatch-roof house nearby, and he wanted me to come to visit and have his wife cook for me and we'd drink together. this guy smiled all the time, laughed all the time, tried to learn english and was pretty good at it. i'd offer him to come into our A/C office and have a seat and some cold mineral water. i'd give him a bottle, and he'd take a drink or two, put the bottle down, thank me and leave. i liked him. someone from the customer lost their leatherman and blamed him for stealing it. i seriously doubted it, this guy won't take a full bottle of water given to him, i doubt he is going to steal a leatherman. but he offered to pay for it, even though it would've been maybe 1-2 months pay. he didn't argue once. luckily the tool was found, but i couldn't believe that. our customer laid him off yesterday and i wanted to give him some money as well, but i had nothing on me, flat broke. i felt really bad.

there are more i've spoken of ramesh (took me a while to warm up to him, but now we are all good), his lovely wife, srivani, there's a young pipefitter named murali who stayed onsite all night one night during a bad storm to make sure the generator stayed covered all night and worked the entire next day, it was like 36 hours or something. he GAVE our first mech TA, sunil, some souvenirs that his village makes, but sunil forget them. i might have to benefit from that. so there are SOME good people here. i'm trying.


Blogger swedish chef dave said...

are we in to a competition to find the cheapest outfit in the world, and the lowest salary, my co-worker from india, was a cheap bastard, he paid his housekeeper, $10 a month, and old lady, that is being a cheap bastard

9:07 AM, September 28, 2005  

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