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25 September 2005

mmm... body paint

well, it is sunday, and i'm at work. sucks, cuz i'd've preferred to have slept in and dick around all day but no luck. at least i'm making some cash. the thing that bothers me the most is that the customer pulled a fast one on us, a dirty fast one. se, our contract states we are to work 6 days/week (mon-sat) and 8 hours/day. if the work ramps up, they are allowed to change the work to say 6-10's or 7-12's, but it has to be requested in writing, etc. well, we left work last night, saturday, 6pm, end of the work week. technically i could've turned my phone off and be done til monday. the customer invited us to a party that evening at 8:30 to celebrate the completion of the lube oil flush and the going away of one of the senior managers i don't get along well with (THAT is a real reason to celebrate). not only did this party SEVERELY cut into my drinking time (saturday night is drinking night), but during dinner, he asked us to come into work in the morning. WTF?!?! i think the dinner was a dirty plan the whole time. i was pissed. i couldn't believe it! i'm still pissed about it but what can i do, i'll sit here and suck up there double time money to do bullshite non-critical work in the first place.

back to the title though, i can't get enough of good bodypaint. i'm seriously addicted. i wish i had the talent for one, but then if i had the talent, i might be able to paint cool things on nekkid girls, so there would still be fringe benefits. the stuff that these artists can do is amazing. making a straight line on a curved surface is tough. i'm just in awe. in appreciation of these fine purveyors of art on the finest of canvases, i share with you some favorites. if anyone has some, send em to me. and now for the show...

mmm... bodypaint. i'm sure you agree


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