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24 September 2005

another happy birthday

happy birthday to my sister. carrie is now 26, woo-hoo. didn't get her anything, been busy, i'll get ya something when i get back home in a couple months or so.

works been blah. we finally made some headway today, but that headway gives the customer a feeling of momentum. bad call, the next step we have to do requires a system they don't have ready yet so they wanna bypass it. jebus, i can't get through to these people.

emma is in thailand. it was close. our local airport was flooded and closed due to the recent cyclone up until the morning of her flight. she's gone til early october and i have to do some minor controls stuff. hah, THAT's a brilliant idea. but hey, we'll see, don't think i can break much. she only taught me 3 things. and the real controls TA comes in on monday.

well, i'd like to go on and on and on. but i have to go back to work. pooh. lata.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swedish chef here matey

glad emma got away and your going to be a controls TA afterall, have fun and dont press the start button, if you do it will all be yours and nobody elses

5:56 PM, September 24, 2005  

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