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20 September 2005

slow going

man, work is slow, good googly moogly. this is a "critical" time for the customer. their schedule (which they insist on not changing) shows us firing the machine for the first time on 25 september, that is 5 days away. there is no way, but they are acting all critical. so to enforce this, on saturday we had a pooja day (CORRECTION: lord visWAkarma) and all the labor went home, we had sunday off, yesterday we had a cyclone come over our area, massive rain and wind all day (it was fun to slosh around in), but there was no work due to that, and today, a minimal crew because the low lying areas between their homes and site, so they can't make it here, so very little progress today. i'd have to say, they are COMMITTED. i actually feel sorry for emma. her R&R is coming up on friday and she has plans to go to thailand and see some old friends. she wanted to get a certain amount of work done here before she left and it doesn't look like it is going to happen now, plus the town she flies out of, vizag, is SOOO flooded. not looking good for her trip. sorry chica, good luck with that.

in others, there isn't much. kinda boring, not much going on here. my suite has a refirgerator that you can actually adjust the thermostat. my last room, had a fridge but it was set to full bore, there was no way to adjust it. i talked to housekeeping about it for them to fix it. the fix: they unplugged it. THANKS!!! couldn't've done that with my $125,000 college degree. i've got a big bed, but it is loud. i think they've filmed friggin' kama sutra porn on the thing. if you even THINK about turning over in the bed, it creaks like mad. so i wake myself up all night, not so much bothering me, but the neighbors, they prolly think i'm frickin' ron jeremy or some shite. i do share a slight resemblance if only i could grow a moustache.

zac (i'm not in the biz)

ron (he's REALLY in the biz)

i'm getting to watch NASCAR now. granted it is highly abridged but you get to see most of the good stuff. on monday nights 7:30-9:00 on zee sports, they show the good moves, cut out pit stops (that kinda sucks), show the wrecks and the battles. it's not too bad i can drink 5-6 beers in that time then go to the bar. i've found i can see NFL football on ESPN star sport here as well. i think there is one live game and one taped game per week, but i only fonud this out recently. actually, i think there was a taped game on this morning, but i missed it. i think i can see the monday night football game next week live. awesome. so, that's it for now. here are some pix from the pooja on saturday. seeing these things dressed up, i just think of "maximum overdrive"...



Anonymous miami t said...

Dude that just nuts. Maybe I should decorate my Jeep like that. Dear God bless the heavy machinery we are about to use today. May it bring destruction to everything in its path. Amen.

10:08 AM, September 20, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man that country is so screwed up with all the religious shite, the only good thing to come out of india is curry, just hope that you get your tax back, and the news says that there are 1000 missing indian fishermen

3:08 PM, September 20, 2005  
Anonymous the Gigalo said...

Dude, you REALLY do look like Ron Jeremy, sans facial hair!

12:06 PM, September 22, 2005  

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