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17 September 2005

Lord Vishnukarma???


today was a waste. we were told yesterday that today is a holiday in india to praise lord vishnukarma, the god of engineering. huh? come again? there is a god of engineering? i'm sure it is a translation thing, and it might be manufacturing, textiles, CNC machines and/or lathes or something, i don't know but wtf? apparently it is adapted as he is originally the god of creation or something. 'tis nuts. first thing in the morning we were invited to the customer's pooja (prayer session thingy). i've done a few of these before. we'd get together before a big lift or a milestone, light some incense, burn some weird white pellets, get dotted, and break some coconuts finished off with some sweet cakes. this usually took maybe 10 minutes. this is a prayer to the gods that everything goes ok and safely. today i found out those are the abridged versions. the customer's one had a holy man, a big chanting/singing thing, took maybe 30-45 minutes. they lay their toold out and decorate them with flowers and ribbons and tissue paper (this includes the cement trucks, cranes etc., pix tomorrow). we got back and got dragged to the electrical pooja where we were given some pepsi since we missed the actual pooja but they wanted to show off their pseudo-temple. on the way back from this one we were dragged into the laborers pooja and then onto the mechanical pooja. emma wanted to break a coconut at the customer's one but i was the only one offered (site lead? dunno). then she got all shy and was nervous about it. this girl skydives and scubas with the fishes, but she's nervous about cracking a coconut. i just don't get girls. but she finally got her chance at the mechanical pooja. and she did quite well, i might say, for her first time.

so now the tools are blessed, we are inundated with boxes of sweet cakes, and the site is deserted. they come to work to pray to their tools, thank them for all the good times, reminisce on the good ole days with vishnukarma, and go home? again i ask, WTF?! i just don't get this place. especially since we are apparently at a critical stage in the installation. i can't wait to see the site try to call us in tomorrow, i'll be busy worshipping my favoritest god, Lord Alkohol-en-Porn.

here is a random picture i just love. these are bad ass, almost makes me wish i was a hot skinny girl to get this done (disregard last statement)


Anonymous mom said...

when you finally decide to return to the states - we must have your HEAD checked. you are getting sicker by the moment.

9:21 AM, September 18, 2005  
Anonymous Jay said...

As it turns out, while I am sitting here reading your post, I too am worshipping the great god Lord Alkohol-en-Porn. He's been good to me all my life.

4:01 PM, September 18, 2005  

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