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14 September 2005

a goodbye to a good man

i was going through my e-mails today, deleting the junk, ignoring the TheGeneral propaganda, looking right past the CWRU e-mails (and it will always be CWRU, wtf... Case? come on), read some of the important site correspondence (things going to hell as usual, and now "passing the buck" is becoming quite regular). then i was kinda dazing out looking at my e-mail headers and noticed something about Doc Oc. didn't really register the title, then i opened it. Doc Oc died...

now, i wasn't a big fan of chemistry, but this guy was amazing. i believe he was puerto rican, excellent motivator. he took time out of his schedule to have as many stusy groups as was necessary, did an on-campus televised call-in show to help kids with their chem homework or prepare for the tests. when you applied to CWRU, you had to send 2 photos, one for HR and one for Doc Oc. the first day of class, he knew everyone's name and this is in a freshman chem class of 100+. the first week he went around to all the dorms to talk to the frosh, see how they were adjusting, talk about himself. he was just an amazing man. i would have to say, i don't think there was a person on campus who didn't respect him, even if they may not have liked him. i'm seriously a bit downtrodden hearing about his passing. he was pretty young, not sure how old, but i think it had to be a bit of a surprise to everyone. there aren't many professors i respected as much as that man for his humanity. i respected many prof's for their intellect, but often times that was countered with crasness or an air of superiority. this man was intelligent yet he could be on the same level as the students. he could speak in lay terms for those having a harder time. i just realy appreciated him. i'm sad to see him go. if there is anyone in cleveland and has the time. i suggest trying to make it to the memorial on october 8, 10:00AM, at amassa stone. maybe you'll be able to learn something interesting about a good man. CWRU won't be the same without ya, Doc Oc.


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