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27 January 2006

look out for man's best friend

i remember a couple years ago, watching "truckin'" on TNN. they were, of course, updating an old truck, and there was a lot of welding going on during the rebuild. when they came back from a commercial, there was a short 15-second segment with one of the mechanics telling you to look out for man's best friend. he goes on to say, we know better than to look at a weld arc and know to wear a shield if we have to, but dogs don't. so if you have you dog around while you are welding, use a barrier or put him outside til you are done so that you don't hurt his eyes while he's staring at the pretty bright light.

this brings me to my random quandaries on animals of late. i'm a bit concerned for the dogs. we have a good many strays onsite, even some new pups. these steam blows we are doing are LOUD! with my ear plugs, it is still only moderately tolerable and i'm maybe 1/2 mile away from the turbine in the office. these dogs can't wear earplugs, and they've had to put up with this for the past 10+ days we've been doing this. poor little buggers. no wonder so many dogs get run over here in india, they can't hear shite.

anyways, i linked a blog on the right 'fugetaboutit'. it's written by an italian comic, and his most recent post talks about discussing farting between him and his grandson. funny shite. i was rolling. pretty funny stuff so check him out and tell him 'slyght' sent ya (and he'll be like "who?!")


Blogger themom said...

take care of those puppies. if i recall correctly, didn't you have a mother dog and pups in turkmenistan? man's best friend you know!!!

9:08 PM, January 27, 2006  

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