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26 January 2006

TheMom's birthday is a holiday

heya mom... happy birthday, 43 years young, eh? i'd like you to know that in india, you're birthday is a holiday. today is republic day. thanks to that, no alcohol is served today, so i can't drink in your honor (that is if i didn't think ahead and ordered 10 beers to my room last night). you know you share your birthday with wayne gretzky, lucky you? hope you like your present. sorry i couldn't be there but have fun at the roadhouse. everyone else... go over to Attentive Aphorist and give her some birthday love.

in other news, we have a mechanical TA onsite again. it is the mech who started the job back in march, but had to leave. it is so good to have a mech back onsite. he knows his shite and has jumped right on to all the problems we still have left. sweet. and another thing, the customer decided they aren't going to do steam blows after 10pm anymore. how sweet of them. apparently they are concerned over the effect it might be having on the local villagers considering a steam blow is wicked loud (i've worn ear plugs AND my BOSE noise-canceling headphone to try to drown it out) and they are trying to sleep. i'm guessing it wasn't so much altruism, but more likely the police telling them to shutdown. either way, probably not going to have too many late nights. yippee!

i've been trying to get more readers to no avail. i mean, i'm lazy, i'm not doing anything spectacular, joined blogexplosion, posted requesting you my faithful reader to pass the word about me, i've even spammed my friends, it's horrible... i'm sick. but not much progress. maybe it is good that way, it'll help to curb my addiction. it isn't good for you to encourage me, but i wanna be famous!

hey, and yeah, i got invited to a wedding, actually two. the funny thing about indian weddings is they go to some spiritual counselor and that person looks at the couple's individual star charts and tells them the best time for them to get married. the first one i got is about 3 hours from site, and the wedding is at like 4AM. sorry, i have to work, so 6-hours roundtrip for a wedding at 4AM, uh-uh. and the most recent invitation is on 2 february at 1:36AM. wtf is up with these people? the part starts at 7PM on 1 february with dinner and then lots of ceremonious rice-pouring and drums and stuff. around 1:36AM, they get married, and more pageantry. might go to that one as it is in this city at least, so i can stumble back to bed for a few winks. i just don't get it. we did a similar thing with the turbine first firing. granted there was no consummating with the turbine (that i know of), but the end-user didn't want to start when we were ready. they've been pushing and pushing and taking shortcuts and pushing, and then when we are ready... "we need to wait 30 minutes, it'll be a lucky time to start". WTF!

anyways, that's the mentality of the people i work with. happy birthday mom. relax!!! love ya


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