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19 January 2006

on da road

I'm in delhi. Spent the morning at the ministry of home affairs trying to renew my visa. Now I'm in an auto-rickshaw on a 30 minute drive to the lotus (yummy) temple, then on to the red fort, then shopping. I have about 3 hours to do this in, then I'm taking advantage of the hospitality of the hotel's <em>royal club</em>, free booze and snacks from 6-8pm, then to a nice restaurant, good steak, then to the polo club, then to djinn's, the indo-UK pub for some chair dancin'. I have so much to tell about this trip, but I'd get carpal's tunnel syndrome doing it this way. Oh, the joys of the blackberry. I'm using a phone that probably costs more than the vehicle I'm riding in, to satiate my blog addiction. More soon so keep coming back.


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