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27 January 2006

site security

the security on this site is laughable. they hire like 100-200 security guards to just sit around on lawn chairs. some are at the main bay doors to the turbine hall, some are in the now all-but-defunct storage yard (those ones usually sleep all day), some wander around the turbines. i don't know what exactly we need so many for. the more laughable part about it is the gate guards. there are usually 6-8 of them that swarm the vehicles as they leave the plant, opening the driver, passenger and SOMETIMES rear doors, bobbing their heads up and down in the rote manner that suggests they are inspecting the car when they are really just trying not to get fired. they rarely, if ever, open the back hatch which is the most likely place to stow something that we wanted to steal.

the most amazing thing about the security is the ass-backwards way they go about it. most security teams i've seen at plants around the world either check you coming, or check you coming AND going. i've never seen a plant ONLY check you going. apparently, they don't care if someone, anyone, brings anything in (bomb, chemical weapons, cheap thai he/she hookers), but don't you DARE try to steal anything (printers, tools, cheap thai he/she hookers). most security, especially around power plants, is to protect the turbine and operation of said turbine, not to worry about someone stealing a screwdriver. when i was in turkey, coming in, they held your passport, gave you a pass, and while this transaction was going on, security was checking your trunk and running mirrors under the periphery of the car. these guys were good, professional, and efficient so it didn't screw my day up. when you left, you traded your pass for your passport, and you were off. nope, not here. we could barrel through the front gate like nothing, and they wouldn't care. i don't understand these people, i just don't.


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