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23 January 2006


man, it's great to see the steelers heading back to the big game. i'm sure there are a lot of blog posting today about the steelers attempt to get one for the thumb and the seahawks going for their first superbowl. man, i love the steelers. there were picture of our entire family when i was just a youngin', all dressed in our black and gold. they were good times. coming home from church and some weekends my brothers would come over and we'd play with my big cardboard bricks and drive my tonka trucks to knock them down. i remember they'd play a bit but i realize now, it was only during the commercials. during the game, they'd be glued to the tube, while i kept running of my blocks. at commercials, they'd set them up for me again, and we'd act like we were playing football. me, a little 6-year old, trying to get past a 13-year old and thinking i really DID have a chance. it was a great time. then i became like them. right after church, rush home, take off the uncomfortable shoes, open the front door the let a breeze and the sunshine in, and turn on the steelers game.

i really wish i had a chance to watch the game with my friends, but i'll be waking up bright and early to watch the game. i gotta thank the steelers for giving me a chance to watch at least ONE steelers game this season. and making it SuperBowl XL, excelente! i might see if i can get the customer to give us the day off (since i'll be watching the game early monday morning), so maybe i can get the other americans together and have a couple beers watching the game. i doubt it, but we'll see.

can't wait to see big ben, bettis, hines ward and everyone take it to detroit and bring home the trophy. here is a link to Steeler Baby i got from TheMom over at Insane Rantings (there's that word again).


Blogger themom said...

oh my the memories of superbowls at our house. i remember the baked potatoes with all the different toppings, famous pot of chili and other things to satisfy the hungry - and having so much left over because the games were so intense. oh and of course, the large amounts of beer that was consumed!! ALL FOR THE GAME!! this year is going to be a really super SUPERBOWL. i am going to ship "Steeler" stuff yo you asap.
her we go!!!

11:01 AM, January 23, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said... nice to have those "good old days memories"...hope you enjoyed the prom pic on the boyz guys sure have had some good times...miss you and love 2

6:08 PM, January 23, 2006  

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