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28 January 2006

picture pages

everyone remember picture pages with bill cosby? i was at the bar several months ago, drinking and talking with a couple TAs and that show popped into my head. it's frickin' mortimer, man.  i bet he wants some jell-oi forget the main premise of the show besides you having to buy the picture pages book and pen. he had a pen that talked and made a weird squiggle sound while he drew his way through the maze or circle the hidden objects. well, i knew that pen had a weird name, and i couldn't think of it. i tried to get it on my blackberry but was ridiculed for my nerdiness and surrendered back to the frightening idea of "social interaction/conversation" YIKES! the name popped into my head randomly a couple weeks ago... mortimer. what a name for a pen. well, that's all i have to say about that.

i spent part of the day designing a header for Saddle Tramp (click the pic to get the full effect). saddle tramp's preliminary headeri'm not pro or anything, and i can't recall if i stole this design from another webpage i'd seen while hopping around the blogosphere. it looks familiar, and the picture is probably someone's property i'll get sued for, but we'll see what happens. the one on her blog has a picture of a horse she took.

there, i added some pictures IN the page, now where are these elusive visitors?


Blogger Jeremy said...

Damn, I thought the name of the pen was Ichabob, was it really Mortimer? That show was off the hook. Bill Cosby still rocks.

7:35 AM, January 28, 2006  
Blogger The daughter said...

Leave it to you to remember something so far back. It was a funny show, but today I would probably have to be ripped to even try to watch it.

11:52 PM, January 29, 2006  

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