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16 January 2006

day 0 / how 'bout them steelers?

today is day 0. the event horizon. once i cross it, there is no going back, and that is heavenly. in 15 hours, i'll be passed out (end-user is throwing a synchronization party tonight), and i'll be out of the country 330 days, tax refund, here i come. it snuck up on me after having yesterday off (customer doesn't want to pay us OT anymore, they are gonna go broke after this job). i just dicked around all day yesterday, went to the park where the little injuns were running rampant. read, played taula (egyptian version of backgammon), had a little company synch party, it was a good day. but i forgot to update my nerd excel countdown-to-my-tax-refund-eligibility sheet. so now you know. wonder what countdown i should have up there now? or maybe i should get rid of it.

and you gotta love the good ol' black and gold. i wasn't able to watch the game, but i hear it was awesome. scored early to randel el; bettis fumbled, that sucked, but it was made up for with a Big Ben tackle. glad to see the patriots bite it too, since they take us out every year. i'm not gonna sing the superbowl song, it'll probably jinx 'em, and i don't have my terrible towel with me. what kind of a fan am i? but they are showing the superbowl LIVE on ESPN Star India, so i'll be up at like 3AM watching it then going to work. if/when the steelers make it, it'll suck that i'm watching it in india, not with my friends being that i'm an original steeler fan, but such is life. i'm here for ya, steelers.

so, what does everyone think of my "logo (?)" at the top. simple, but i'm not the adobe photoshop king that chumpassfool is over at B-Town Boyz.


Blogger Steve said...

Just use the blogosphere, its the next best thing.

7:03 AM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

congrats on making the tax deadline. next countdown could be your sisters wedding on april 22nd. or JITH, or your birthday, or christmas, whatever you want to make of it. you really missed and exciting steeler game. like i said bettis never fumbles, but then roethlisberger never tackles - and both took place- with a winning result. luv ya guy!!

12:40 PM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

We will be praising your glory back here in cbus at 10 pm tonight. T will be falling on his bed, red will be digging through garbage for beer cans, Chad will be chugging buffalo sauce and ranch dressing, and I will be doing snow angels at White Castle.

4:16 PM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous mom2 said...

congrats happy for got one up on uncle sam...good for you...can be a nice down payment on your loft..YOU REALLY EARNED IT. be good and be ya mom2

11:06 PM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger Mike T said...

Congrats on the huge ass tax break Big Z. Sounds like a good reason to get drunk. While you were celebrating the big tax break, I was celebrating the consolidation of my school loans. Can someone loan me a shovel so I can dig myself out of debt. Later.

8:14 AM, January 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your next countdown should be the beginning of NASCAR!!! The first official race is February 7th to kick things off the first nextel cup race I believe is Feb 26th. Then you can start your other countdowns. Congrats on your huge tax break now you can buy a new truck.

The sister

2:05 PM, January 17, 2006  
Blogger Jules said...

Tax break is great...your Soduku! on the other hand sucks. I just complete TWO puzzles and I KNOW I did it right and it says "The puzzle is not complete correct yet." My arse it's not! Fick it.

11:11 AM, January 18, 2006  

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