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14 January 2006

drunk post

i used to drunk dial... then in college i drunk e-mailed. it was only a few people who received the wrath of my drunk e-mials and an even more select few who could decipher said e-mails (steadman). i've moved on kids, now i have the enitre internet to fukk with, really i know maybe 10 people come here, but hey,i 'm into drunk posting. i'm not even super drunk just kinda tired and had a few beers watching women's tennis and this is the beest typing i've done ever,,, even sober. excelente!

i feel like i've not hit my cool prime (thank god for hot keys). i think maybe it's even worse that maybe i border on cool so i never know when to give up... some people understand they had their cool or they won't be, and they go to eccentric. i've always had a slighjtely eccentric stereak to me but i always had the cool guy wanting to ge tout. see some shoes now that are kinda eccentric, and wonder if i'll ever give in and go with being outside. i want to fit, i've watned it for years. yetm i knewit would neve rhappen, but i don't wantto be THAT eccentric. i like eccentric but these shoes are STEEEE-RANGE!!! hah. like japanese binding shoes but not so pretty.

either way, i don't know my place. not sure i canor will or want to. i remember one time in columnus, at OSU, i was at my best bud's dorm, DEEE-runk crashing on the floor and i said i HAD to get up to drunk e-mial. he offreed me his compueter, then ithoughtabout the experience i'd had earlier in the dayand declinded. but iwanted to... i've been destined for electronic jonesin'. i was dying the other day without my cimputer on a day off and i couldn't blog or read other blogs. blast... enough for now kiddies. i'm not even speell checkin' i'm that good. love y'all, and to all a bud lite


Blogger swedish chef dave said...


that is excellent, wish i could have a beer here in the goddam jungle. what is life without a beer, prison food and sour thought that make me sad. I NEED A BEER

Dave in the jungle

8:04 PM, January 14, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

that's some damn fine typin' son!! really proud that you figured you were better than "SPELL CHECK!"... nitey nite!

9:45 PM, January 14, 2006  
Anonymous mom2 said... certainly are eccentric and absolutely off the wall and one of a kind person but thats why everyone loves you...don't change too much because you are great just the way you have plenty of time to grow up and i think you are a wonderful speller and yes better than spell good lov ya mom2

6:27 PM, January 15, 2006  

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