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07 February 2006

another boring day

so last night just before we leave work, the customer calls and says we are starting today at 7AM, they are doing some work overnight, and if it runs late, he'll call and tell me to come in later. but under no circumstance will it be earlier than 7AM. about an hour later, at the hotel, all nice and showered, i get a call from his (YES!! we get to sleep in!!). nope, apparently in india, "under no circumstance" means "i'm lying through my teeth". they requested we come in at 6AM instead. so then i had to call the TAs (i HATE the phone) and call our driver who is a great guy but his english leaves something to be desired. did that, tried to watch a DVD but fell asleep.

but today i got word that i get to destroy some of the parts onsite. it's cheaper to destroy them as scrap than to ship them out of the country. one of the few joys of being in a remote village. ESTIMATED value of the parts i get to beat up... i'd say about $750k-$1M. cost of the tools i get to destroy it with... $10-50lb sledgehammer. rock on! can't wait to get in to that one of these stressful days.

i found my American Sign Language (ASL) discs late in the day, so i've been running through some of the basic words it shows me. i'd like to try to be fluent in 3 languages by the time i'm 30. it's something i came up with at a pub in italy getting hammered on guinness. good thing is, i'm already fluent in american. only 2 left to go and 2 years to do it (i'm making the caveat that i can BE 30 and still learning, so basically before i'm 31). either way, i've not been working hard at it. i have russian and italian discs with me along with ASL. so i'm working on that because it is different. and TheGeneral actually has a tick-box for it on the end-of-year review. i think it'd be neat to get a job because i can fukk up a language that NO ONE can speak (hah, i kill me). i'm not optimistic that i'll learn it, i've been trying off and on for 2-3 years and all i've master is the alphabet way back in kindygarden. i screw up 3,6, and 9, and then double digits, i'm doomed, but we'll see. maybe i can make steadman proud that ADHD me could settle down enough to learn a few words to get in trouble.

i was wanting to blog more, but, alas, work is a bitch never sated


Anonymous mom 2 said...

hi zac....well your steelers won...that should make you that big ben...he went on letterman last night and got his beard trimmed...real cute show..huge parade in pittsburgh this morning...estimated mzybe a million people turned out...everyone's on the bandwagon,even me!!!!!not into football but glad they won ...have a good ya mom 2

10:37 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have me rolling on the floor. i remember those 'KINDYGARTEN" days. and to watch (or hear) you fukk up another language is Priceless.


9:08 AM, February 08, 2006  

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