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03 February 2006

new sudoku and thanks for the hits

i put a new sudoku up. it seems a bit better, if not a bit simple. to change the difficulty of the game, I BELIEVE you have to pick the difficulty, then refresh the page (unless it works better for you). also, once you are done, you check it, it will ONLY put up red squares if you are incorrect. if you are correct, nothing changes, no reward (SORRY!), just the fact that nothing changing is a good thing (at least here in india). tell me if you have any issues with it. so far it seems to be working. it's not as sleek as the last one, but that one had severe flaws. i guess you get what you (don't) pay for.

i want to thank everyone who gave me some insight to rabbit poop and house buying. i'd also like to thank everyone for the comments, i love getting a mailbox full of my friends wishing me well. you are all the collective bomb.


Blogger Paul said...

Hey dude, Just finished a smoke break with Steve, your temp manager. Funny who you run into in this business... He's going nuts trying to fill slots and feels really bad about having to leave you over there. He's got some plans for you to make up for it when you do get out...

5:08 PM, February 03, 2006  

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