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04 February 2006

steelers fanatic

i stumbled onto a steelers blog that is pretty good, Steelers Fanatic. he has a lot of info on the matchups and whatnot. i'm sure the TheMom over at Attentive Aphorist might get a kick out of it. his most recent post, talks about a website that ran a simulation between the steelers and the seahawks, and the steelers win 66% of the time by about 4 points. excelente! i know it's just a simulation, but that's good to hear. i was gonna comment on his site, but there is nowhere to do such, so i will have to give him praise here. i got my bettis long-sleeve on, care of TheMom, my Steelers hat, i'll have the jersey on tomorrow (get some quick sleep after work) and be up at 4:30AM monday morning for the game. rock on!

<SOAPBOX> i'd like to say, if you haven't heard me say it before, i'm glad we got rid of plaxico. i thought he could've been an asset, but he wasn't a team player, he pointed fingers and huffed when the ball wasn't thrown to him. get with the game, i'm glad you're stuck with the giants. and i'd like to gloat over kordell too. yeah, i know, he's a bit removed from the team now, but if he would've stayed Slash, he could've made a strong addition to any team, but he wanted the spotlight. and what'd he do with it? he broke the damn thing with stray passes, interceptions, fumbles, and 25 yard side-to-side scrambles for 1-yard if we were lucky. now it looks like he's riding the pine in baltimore. fukkin great.</SOAPBOX>

i'd like to thank, silent leanne, from Who Would Jesus Hate with some tips on winning some blog battles. i appreciate the help, i changed a few things (brightened up the links a bit), i kept some others (i do need to work on the font size, i just don't want the font to look bulky), but still the input was great. thanks again.


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