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10 March 2006

my cunt is built like a wound that won't heal - ani difranco "out of habit"

i'm LOVING ani difranco. i've heard of her for years off and on, starting in 1996 when visiting girlfriend #1 at her women-only college in pittsburgh. i'm not sure exactly from whom, but i expect it was her roommate. i'm not saying anything is wrong with a single sex school. there was a lot of women empowerment going on, and that's great, but i think it may have been taken to some extremes. maybe i'm just imagining that we fought way more in college, but it could've been that we were simply in college, not seeing each other as much, meeting new people and having new experiences. i was re-introduced to ani in houston in late 2002 by a friend of a friend (college roommate's sister). either way, that is not my story, my story is me recent re-discovery of ani difranco.

i was hopping around iTunes (don't picture it, it isn't pretty) trying to think of some NEW new music to listen to. not a new album from a band i like, something from left field and righteous babe herself, ani difranco, popped into my head. i know the album living in clip, so i bought that one. it's a collection of live tracks, i'm guessing form various concerts. it's an amazing CD. i'm really inspired to get the rest of her stuff, but i like buying CDs. i could get them on iTunes, but i like the idea of going into a CD store and browsing for CDs, buy a handful, and throw them in my over-sized cargo pockets. so i think i'll wait, but it's going to be tough. i was looking at her page to see if she is on tour anywhere, and just as my luck would have it, she is not touring for a while due to a nagging case of tendonitis. frickin' great.

i think i'm going to convert to being a political, folk-rock, sexually-independent cool person, so i can be like ani. YEA!!


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