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18 April 2006

That indian concert must kick ASS!

So I left the hotel in shorts and a t-shirt (my typical traveling attire) on a chilly manhattan morning. Left the hotel at 8AM to time the walk to the indian consulate (opens at 9:15AM). I arrive at exactly 8:30AM, 45 minutes before it opens, and there is a line of about 50 people already. God damn!!

So,i I'm waiting. Gonna try the subway to penn station. It looks like taking the train to newark might be the best bet, but I wanna try it out beforehand while the consulate issues my visa (I can pick it up at 4:30PM) then I hurry my ass to penn station, find my connecting train to EWR airport, and be on my way to a steak dinner with TheMom and TheMom2. Yea! Hope the consulate isn't as inept as some people I've met in india. More later.
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